“Extraction” delivers on the action

Netflix is hit or miss when it comes to their original films. However, they hit the nail on the head with their new release, Extraction.

The film stars Chris Hemsworth as a hardened, fearless mercenary who has been hired to rescue the kidnapped kid of an imprisoned crime lord. The child is caught in a war between his father and another powerful man. Hemsworth is the only person to save him, although he is a man who wants to die lost in the underworld of weapons and violence. 

This film caught my attention with the trailer. The trailer is dark, violent and action packed. Then I found out that the Russo brothers, who directed Infinity War and Endgame, are producers on the film with Joe Russo as the screenplay writer. 

Hemsworth has become the action hero stereotype through his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this film is different because he is not necessarily the stone-cold hero. His character in this film is broken. He has given up on life and wants to catch a bullet to put himself out of his misery. 

Where his role as Thor is funny and charming, this role gives him more room to act and by the end of the film you feel sad for his character. He is absolutely incredible in the film. 

I believe this could be the best action film of 2020. There are quite a few fight scenes and each one of them are choreographed so well. There is a mix of close-up and wide shots that bring you into the action that you feel as if you are joining in on the fight. 

There is one action sequence in particular that will be talked about years down the road. It is an eleven-minute scene that takes you on a car ride, into a building with a shoot out and hand to hand combat, and then back out of the building. The whole eleven-minutes is filmed to be one take. So, the action literally never stops. 

Where the film works the best is with the hard R-rating. This film is great because of its violence. If they were to have dialed it back, I don’t think it would work quite the way it did. Now, if you don’t like violent films that are very rough and bloody then this isn’t the film for you. 

Extraction does not suffer from the lack of story telling because the action never slows down. With that being said, there is no story here. It is a bare boned script. A man with a past is hunted by a city while saving a kid. It is very simple.  

There is no time for character arcs, but the action makes up for that. Literally everybody is after them, so they never slow down to get to know one another. 

In my opinion, this is the best action movie I have seen in a long time. I loved the violence and the grungy atmosphere. This is a film that I could care less about the characters because the action is so on point. Hemsworth gets enough of a backstory that makes you feel for him and that is all I needed. 

I want everybody to see this film so they know how action movies should be made. However, this is not for everybody. If you like hardcore action, then give Extraction a watch on Netflix. You will not be disappointed.