MSSU Christians hold 24-hour prayer vigil

Wednesday evening, and following into Thursday evening, a 24-hour prayer vigil was held on the Missouri Southern campus Oval. The small group, simply called, MSSU Christians just recently started, with the prayer vigil being their first major event on campus.

“We have been really working to unite the Christian bodies here on campus,” senior studio art major Jordan Murdock said. 

The prayer vigil was held from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 

6 p.m. Thursday, with individuals praying in 30-minute shifts.

The group attempted to invite other campus Christian groups as well as individuals not affiliated with any other group. 

“We had a sign-up sheet where people could block out time,” Murdock said, “Or they can come whenever they feel like it.” Murdock went on to say that there could be anywhere from one to six people praying at one time. 

While the prayer vigil was open for individuals to pray about anything they wanted, the focus was on the campus and students.  

“Students just praying for their classmates, for other Christians and just for everyone they meet on the campus and asking for God to be on the campus,” junior nursing major Tasha Stratton said. 

According to Stratton, the group started last semester under the guidance of Peter Thompson.  

“We are not with any other organization,” Stratton said. “Just as Christians we get together and think of things we can do on campus to reach out to people.”