Super Water Sympathy to bring ‘water pop’ to Joplin

Tomorrow night, Blackthorn Pizza & Pub will be taken over by “water pop” group Super Water Sympathy.

Based out of Shreveport, LA, Super Water Sympathy is “definitively indie pop, but there is an ethereal and cerebral element too, brought about by the orchestral arrangement of pads and synth,” drummer Ryan Robinson said. “We call ourselves ‘water pop.’”

“We try to create a cinematic ambiance that matches the mood of our music and set. It’s like watching Star Wars in reverse under a thin veil of water, scored by the voice of a female peregrine falcon during nesting season. And we have bubbles,” Robinson said.   

Super Water Sympathy has been on tour since mid Oct., playing shows from New York City to Los Angeles and many places in between. However this tour run won’t be their first time to Joplin.

“We played Blackthorn before,” Robinson said. “The people and venue were great, and we made some awesome fans.”

However, according to Robinson, a great night of music isn’t the only thing Super Water Sympathy has to offer. 

“There comes a very specific time in every person’s life where they must make a choice between becoming the person society tells them, or something visceral, honest and groundbreaking – the stuff of legend. We have been told that our show provides the perfect catalyst for the latter,” he said.

“During the course of our 45-minute set, [our set has] turned small girls into Amazons, presumed village idiots into great thinkers and poets and pariahs into politicians,” Robinson said.

“Come to the show and become the person you were destined to be.”

Opening for Super Water Sympathy is local alternative band Of Course Not, beginning at 10 p.m. The show has a $5 cover and is 21-and-up. Blackthorn Pizza & Pub is located at 510 S. Joplin Ave.

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