ASA hosts fundraiser at JJ’s Pizza


Photo courtesy of JJ Spurlin

Members of Missouri Southern’s chapter of the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha organized a fundraiser at JJ’s Woodfire Pizza this week.

Alpha Sigma Alpha raised more than $500 on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at JJ’s Woodfire Pizza at 1612 South Madison.

“Just one more huge event to help the kids and the institution that have helped me,” owner of JJ’s Pizza and associate professor of criminal justice JJ Spurlin said.

The sorority was raising funds for their foundation in anticipation of the group’s upcoming District Days meeting.

“We have a group called The Foundation and they help organize events for our sorority,” Vice President of Programming Kayla Cox said. “They also give us opportunities for scholarships and it’s a really good organization that sort of branches off from our sorority.”

Cox said that JJ’s Pizza has a program that offers donation ticket sales where proceeds are divided between JJ’s and the organization.

“You have [participants] come during that time, they get to eat off of the all-you-can-eat buffet,” Cox said. “We help serve the drinks and talk with everybody, clear the dinner tables, clean up at the at the end of the night, help JJ out a little bit while he’s helping us out.”

The District Days meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 16.

“[District Days] offers classes that encourage leadership and give ideas for study skills,” Cox said. “Also, within our sorority, we have leadership positions, so they kind of reinforce those ideas.”