COVID-19 Taskforce Update, Oct. 14

The Taskforce met briefly last Wednesday for discussion on the status of COVID-19 on-campus at Missouri Southern. Few updates were brought before the committee as most members of the Taskforce had not met over the break. Some questions and updates were brought from Student Senate President Haley Ward that was asked at a Student Senate committee meeting last Wednesday. Some students had brought concerns to her about a pass/fail option being offered similarly to last semester after the school pivoted to an online platform.  

“It’s not something we’ve discussed because we’ve been able to progress through the semester as planned,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Paula Carson.  

Ward also brought forth concerns about an information gap between students and the administration. As a solution, the Student Senate is currently devising an Ad Hoc committee designed to bridge the gap and answer important student questions about the policy response from Southern. The committee, currently being formed, would allow students to submit questions for Student Senate to answer. Details regarding this committee are still being discussed among Student Senate executives.  

Academic Affairs reported that the first faculty member had been hospitalized for COVID-19, but the faculty member is likely to be released on Oct. 17. According to the Taskforce, this is the first known hospitalization from COVID-19 this semester for either student or staff.  

“I feel extremely fortunate that we’ve been able to progress with as little disruption as possible. I’m really pleased about that,” said Carson about the progression of the semester.