Attendance for campus events shows extremes

A steady line of students wait for free funnel cakes throughout the cab event on the Oval April 1.

Joshua Boley/The Chart

A steady line of students wait for free funnel cakes throughout the cab event on the Oval April 1.

The Campus Activities Board hosted two different events this week, with attendance ranging from, well attended to nearly zero.

Free funnel cakes were offered on April 1 on the campus Oval, drawin a line of students throughout the three hour event.

Free video games were offered in the Connor Ballroom of the Billinglsy Student Center on April 2, only one student showed up.

Coordinator of Student Services Craig Gullett said that timing and weather play a large part in how events are attended.

“Our events in general are really awesome in the fall when people are really gung-ho,” Gullett said.

Additionally, according to Gullett, evening events other than performances, are not as well attended as daytime events. CAB in the future is considering offering fewer evening events as a result of this trend.

“I think our focus is going to be daytime and lunch time and try to do some stuff outside when we can,” Gullet said.

“This spring hasn’t been the best weather: wise because we usually hope it starts warming up in March so we can get some stuff outside,” he said.

Gullett also lists student fatigue and burn out; as possible reasons for low turnout for spring events.

A variety of techniques is used by the Campus Activities Board to inform students of upcoming events, Gullet said.

“We use our Facebook and our Twitter,” Gullet said. “We also use the university Facebook and Twitter.”

Gullett said that CAB still uses flyers for events but is moving away from using them on bulletin boards as feedback indicates students do not pay attention to new flyers on the boarrds.

 “We like to put out sandwich boards and that catches people’s eyes,” Gullet said. “We are always trying to change and keep up with the times.”

While CAB still has a few more events this spring focus is starting to shift to fall.

“We have a few things left for the semester but we are winding down and starting to work on fall and have a really good fall set up,” Gullett said.

The next event will be the All Campus Picnic on the Oval  April 26.