‘Man, I feel like a woman!”


On Wednesday, Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority hosted its annual “heel race” to raise awareness of sexual assault. Fraternity members from Kappa Alpha and Kappa Sigma came to show their support and run in the race.

Participants were required to run a triangle-shaped track. On one leg, they ran straight, on one they ran backwards and on the third, they hop-scotched, all while wearing women’s high-heeled shoes.

The event is designed to give guys a chance to “stomp out sexual assualt” and “take a walk in her shoes,” according to Ashley Brunner, Alpha Sigma Alpha’s philanthropic chair.

This year is Alpha Sigma Alpha’s sixth annual Take Back the Night week of events. Members of the sorority have teamed up with the Lafayette House, a Joplin organization devoted to supporting women work through cases of sexual assault and domestic violence. Brunner said the sorority works with the group to educate people and raise funds for the organization.