Senate EC elections around the corner

Within the next few weeks, members of Student Senate will be strolling around campus asking for signatures to be eligible to run for executive council positions for the next academic year.

This week, senate discussed possibly “overlooking in good faith” requirements within the constitution for candidacy.

Currently, the Student Senate constitution requires that qualifications for executive council members are that the student must be full time, have a minimum 2.5 GPA and have served on the senate for one academic year.

Ultimately, the senate decided not to overlook said requirements.

“As far as GPA and being in good standing, I don’t think we should compromise on that because it would degrade the integrity of Student Senate,” Senator Mary Duncan said.

Next week, the senate plans to emphasis  student involvement in shared governance at the Board of Governors summit, according to President Taylor Hass.

“It’s very clear from that [Shared Governors Committee] meeting they are not paying attention to the students so I will be sending out a student wide email to let everyone know that, at least for the rest of the semester, I am their rep[resentative] for the shared governance committee,” Senator Molly Shumaker, PR Chairman said.

Shumaker also noted the status of the Ask-A-Senator project. Senate has been in contact with IT and is trying to get a web domain of [email protected] for students to be able to give the senate feedback and have a part in student government.

Since the passing of the Tunnel Mural Bill, the senate is working with the designer to make concrete plans on how to involve the community.

No dates have been set yet.

The senate approved an appropriation unanimously for the radiology club to attend the Missouri Society of Radiology and Technology event. The cost of the trip is over $3,000 and students will have to pay the rest of the costs not funded by senate and previous fund raisers.

Senate will meet Wednesday in the BSC Boardroom at 5:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to come.