Physical Plant utilizes break for renovations

The physical plant has some big projects and renovations coming up soon that will be worked on through Fall Break.

“We are just completing a remodel of the computer lab [Young Gym 103] into an office suite with three offices for Athletics. The construction is complete, the carpet will be installed next week and then we will hang the doors and do any finish work and it should be ready to move people in by the week after break” said physical plant Director Robert Harrington.

The Leggett and Platt Athletic Center has two more revisions that will be worked on over fall break along with the office conversions.  

It is in their final stages of completing a remodeled concession stand in L&P. New counters have been installed and wired for power and data.

Harrington said, “This should greatly improve the service for fans purchasing concessions at the basketball games.”

The order for a new video scoreboard for Leggett and Platt Athletic Center was announced last Thursday, Oct. 3 and the physical plant is preparing for the installation. They are building a new control booth inside the storage area in the southeast corner of the field house and rerouting all of the cabling from both the new scoreboard as well as the existing control booth downstairs.

The physical plant is currently in the process of creating a graphic design lab for the art department, which is almost complete.

The physical plant and the IT department are in the process of changing out all of the lighting in the University TV studio.

Communication Department Chair Ward Bryant said, “The amount of electricity used in comparison to the incandescent fixtures is drastically reduced. Reduction of heat produced by the lamps is also dramatically reduced, which in turns means less amount of cooling needed. These lamps will last a tremendous amount longer than the incandescent bulbs ever could produce.”

Work will begin shortly at the Mayes Student Life center to remove the chain gate at the entrance to the cafeteria and replace it with an aluminum and glass store front with doors. The store front is currently being fabricated and will be installed as soon as it is complete.