Student spreads Christian message through campus organization


Xiaoyu "Jamie" Wu/The Chart

Krystal Coy, sophomore accounting major.

Krystal Coy’s passion for the Crusade has continued as she moved from Indiana to Missouri Southern.   

Coy grew up in Trafalgar, Indiana and came to Joplin so she could attend Ozark Christian College and take advantage of the co-op degree program with MSSU. A co-op degree is when two colleges come together and form a cooperative agreement that allows the colleges to partner together to educate students in specific fields of study. The cooperative agreement between Ozark Christian College (OCC) and Southern is in any major that MSSU has to offer.

“I have always had a heart for sharing the word and letting others know about Christ,” Coy said.

Growing up, Coy’s family helped support the Campus Crusade, also known as Cru, at Indiana University. Campus Crusade is an organization meant to equip and encourage active Christians by providing proven and effective resources that help advance the scripture. They publish and distribute ministry resources that have been developed by the staff and ministries of Campus Crusade to serve and empower churches, staff members, and individuals who have a heart for ministry. She enjoyed going down to IU for Cru get-togethers, in which they would further this vision.

“I knew after coming back to Southern this fall that I wanted to get involved more and help share the message of Christ in an organization on campus,” Coy said.

Within the first couple weeks of classes, Coy was able to contact people that were involved with Cru, including Michael Wilbanks, who co-leads Cru alongside Coy. At Southern, she is able to continue on the same tradition that was produced at Indiana University.

“It has been a blessing sharing the word of Christ on this campus and getting to know so many people,” Coy said.

Starting at OCC for two years, Coy is now a full time junior studying accounting at Missouri Southern. She is a cheerleader on the MOSO Spirit Squad and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) on campus, as well as leading member of Cru.

Cru is a Christian organization that meets on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the SLC Movie Room at Missouri Southern at 8 p.m.