Campus survives scare unscathed


Brad Stout/The Chart

University Police squad cars meet on the dorm side of campus after an armed suspect was spotted.

On Wednesday afternoon at 2:43 p.m. a RAVE alert was sent out via cell phone as an advisory only that a dangerous person possibly armed had been reported in the dorms, and last seen between Stegge & Dishmen Halls. The alert also stated the person’s clothing: gray fleece jacket, dark gray sweater and a fedora.

“There was someone headed over to the dorms and they thought he had a hand gun, but we did a thorough search of the residence halls and we did not find any suspicious persons,” said Ken Kennedy, chief of campus police.

A witness said this person was walking from the Criminal Justice building to the dorms and could possibly have a handgun, but the witness was a far distance away.

“It wasn’t confirmed that anyone had a gun, actually,” said Kennedy. “We wanted to be on the safe side so we went ahead and put out a RAVE message so they would be aware.”

After the search, another RAVE message was sent out at 3:54 p.m. informing students and faculty members, “University Police had thoroughly checked residence halls with no suspicious person located. Normal operations for residence halls can resume at this time.”