Student rap rules talent show

Just days before Missouri Southern went on spring break, the Campus Activities Board held their semester highlight, which entertained students in the Taylor Auditorium. The MoSo Talent show was held on March 11 with fifteen acts that dealt with all kinds of music, comedy, and even dance.

“Hey, your campus is bigger than the most cities here,” said comedian and host Michael Malone, during his introduction which recieved a warm welcome from the delighted audience.

The show’s first place act, James Laramore, who was selected by six judges and awarded with $300, quickly brought the audience to a cheer. “White boy – brown hair – don´t care,” shouted the rapper from Carl Junction as he threw some change into the audience – setting the stage for following acts.

In another act, Ngosa Simbyakula played the song “Space Waltz” on his guitar while using some technical helpers like loops and beats to make his performance stand out from the other six acts featuring a singer on guitar. Consequently, the judges rewarded him with second place.

One of the crowd’s favorite acts was Zadok Self, who played a self written love song for his girlfriend Alissa Robbins, who was also onstage playing guitar at his side. Despite some technical problems with her guitar, she had a great voice and the audience on her side.

In addition to comedian Michael Malone, some Southern students also performed humorous acts. These students included Alex Eden, who performed a stand up routine about romantic comedy; Lucas Stanley, who performed an original juggling routine with charming comments about his own failed throws; and Savannah Marie Schwab from Fort Scott, Kan, who won third place for her integration of the audience into her improv puppetry.

Overall, the artists and the audience seemed to have a great evening during the talent show.

“It was really cool, I enjoyed it and made lots of new friends like Ngosa. The audience was great and I want to thank the CAB for organizing the show,” said performer Aditya Vikram Malhotra, who sang a medley and played guitar during the talent show.