Our Opinion: Find pride in being a Lion

With the university in the midst of several major construction projects, there are several opinions floating around about the necessity of all the additions.

While questions may be raised about the combined costs of the four major projects (those being the residence halls, fieldhouse, FEMA shelter and baseball field) that are currently in progress, there shouldn’t be a question that these will boost the reputation of both our campus and community.

It’s unlikely that students are upset about the money being spent on the new residence halls or a FEMA shelter that can hold 2,000 people, but they might have an issue seeing ten million dollars being spent by athletics.

Looking back on the spring 2014 semester, a lot of opinions associated with athletics and the proposed ROAR Fund were negative. Students deemed that the money that would have gone to athletics could have been put to better use elsewhere.

To see athletics be proactive, raise funds and make additions such as a new baseball field and a 48,000 square foot field house, largely through donations, is a welcome sight.

Upon seeing the computer renderings of what the field house will look like peering over the football field, we hope students will be proud to call themselves Missouri Southern Lions.

With every new addition, our campus raises its value. The fieldhouse will be a visually-appealing building that not only serves our athletes, but our entire university.