Movie Review: 22 Jump Street

22 Jump street review

22 Jump street review

22 Jump Street, the sequel to 21 Jump Street (also based on the television series 21 Jump Street), is a comedic action movie about two police officers, Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko, who go undercover at a local college to stop the distribution of a new drug. The Campus Activities Board will present the R-rated movie at Phelps Theatre Sept. 18, and on the Oval on the 19th (weather permitting), and will also be providing free drinks and candy.

After successfully capturing a drug distributor at a high school in the first film, Schmidt and Jenko are assigned to go undercover at a local college to capture another drug dealer to prevent further distribution of a new drug called “whyphy,” which killed a student.

While undercover, Jenko befriends an individual, Zook, who has a personality similar to his own, and may even be a suspect. When the two hang out more, Jenko begins to question his partnership with Schmidt, which puts a damper on their friendship and, ultimately, on the investigation.

The new film is somewhat predictable because the undercover case is similar to the one in the first film. However, that may have been what the directors were going for. In the film, the characters played, reprised by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, refer to how similar their new case is to “the other case” from the first film.

In the sequel, viewers are able to get a more in-depth profile of Tatum’s character. In the first movie, Jenko was someone who didn’t take things too seriously, but he is seen in a new light in 22 Jump Street when he actually considers leaving the force to return to college and play football.

After a long and amusing action-filled car chase with the drug distributor, Hill’s character, Schmidt, grows more when he tried to accept his partner and friend’s decision to stay in college. During their time apart, both characters learn from their experiences and are able to take on the investigation with full force.

All in all, the film is equally as funny as the first one. Although some of the jokes in the new film are a bit stale and even forced at times, it still paid homage to the original film and shows the directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s ability to make a new film with the same style without taking away from the characters and the action.