Missouri Southern set to release economic impact report

Missouri Southern is set to release a report detailing the economic impact to the Joplin community of its recent campus additions during its Board of Governors meeting Sept. 18.

The report is expected to give thorough projections of what the city can expect to receive in the way of revenue and jobs.

“I’m interested to see what all these changes are going to mean for our city,” said senior accounting and Spanish major Miles Williams.

Also expected to be comprehensively reviewed in the report is one of the most recently completed projects, the construction of the new quads.

Southern’s new residence hall complex adds space for more than 200 students to live on campus, meaning 200 more people living and spending money in Joplin.

Some of these students will even choose to stay in the area after graduating.

“A rarely considered benefit of programs such as Lion Pride is that students who attend and graduate from a university in a state other than the one of their home residence often end up settling in that state, contributing to the strengthening of the economy and the quality of life in the area,” said Dr. Paula Carson, provost and vice president for academic affairs.

The Lion Pride Tuition discount offers Southern’s in-state tuition rate to students from an expanded area of the region including Texas, Nebraska and Kentucky.

The economic impact report is expected to determine what part this will play in the community. Having more than 800 students living in the residence halls not only brings a boost to the Joplin economy spending-wise, but many students say they are also finding employment within the community.

The Board of Governors serves as the governing body for the University. The eight members, including a non-voting student representative, are appointed by the governor and approved by the Missouri Senate. The Board’s meeting next Friday is scheduled for 1 p.m. on the third floor of the Billingsly Student Center; it is open to the public.