Student Senate approves funding requests

The Missouri Southern Student Senate passed appropriations funding for two University organizations during its weekly session Wednesday evening.

The Senate approved $1000 in funds for the Missouri Southern chapter of Collegiate DECA. Two members of the group will travel to New York next month to attend the National Fall Leadership Conference. The Senate also unanimously approved funding for Sigma Tau Delta, reimbursing the Greek organization $150 for the purchase of food they provided during a symposium on graduate programs hosted by the English Department.

“If it’s something that benefits the students and can benefit the campus, were generally supportive of that kind of thing,” said Student Senate President Kyle Prisock regarding funding for student organizations.

Student Senate Treasurer Victoria Miller confirmed the funds would come from the Senate’s budget of $52,139.45.

Prisock also reiterated the Senate’s goal of helping all students with their various projects.

“Too many times we have this desire to do something huge and have this really big project, and I think that’s great if we have one,” said Prisock. “But if we can help out on campus with a few other things or help out a few other people with their projects and contribute and do small things along the way then that’s beneficial too.”

In other news, Student Senate Vice President Saif Farag also announced that there are still vacancies in the Senate that need to be filled and urged the Senators to help in the process of finding acceptable candidates. Any student wishing to join the Senate can complete a vacancy application in the Student Affairs Office.