Student Senate approves funding for clubs

The Missouri Southern Student Senate approved appropriations funding requests for six student organizations in their final gathering of the fall semester Wednesday night.

The Senate unanimously passed all six groups applications except the K-Club request that received minor opposition. Each club was awarded the maximum amount of $1,000.

“I didn’t think they needed it as much as some of the other groups,” said Joshua Ferry, freshman pre-med/biology major. “I feel like a lot of these organizations are just wasting money, and it’s our duty to make sure the money is going to the right place.” Ferry was the only opposition to the appropriation requests.

The final session of the semester also brought about the occasion to glance back on what the Senate was able to achieve over the progression of the last 16 weeks.

“The semester was fantastic,” said Student Senate Kyle Prisock. “We got a lot accomplished especially on some outstanding tasks that we needed to finish up. The non-smoking coming to campus was a big thing. So many people worked on it for two or three years and so to finally get it finished and passed and on the road to implementation was incredible.”

The Senate also bid adieu to some of its graduating seniors who participated in their final assembly Wednesday night. This also provided the departing members a moment to reminisce on their experience.

“The atmosphere, the ideas that came up, and the people are what I’ll remember,” said Student Senate Vice President Saif Farag, senior pre-med/biology major. “People came in here and were very professional. I learned that ideas take time to flourish. You have to research it, analyze it, work out all the details, and then bring it forward.”

“I met a lot of great people here and was able to really help out the students, that’s one thing I’ll never forget,” said Senator Tommy Jung, senior mass communication major. “I’ve joined the military in Korea, and I think my time in the Senate actually helped me improve my leadership, that is something I’m sure I will be able to take with me there.”

The Senate members were also able to contemplate their goals and expectations for the upcoming spring semester.

“In January we are going to hold an ask-a-senator event where students can come and find out about what we’re doing,” said Senator Jacob Layne, sophomore political science major. “We’re also going to be putting signs around campus to let people know, ‘hey you cant smoke here anymore.’”

“We want to continue to represent the student body and be open and accessible to different student groups to hear their concerns and see if we can meet their needs,” said Prisock. “We’ll also be looking forward to St. Baldricks as our non-profit initiative and we would love to have anybody who wants to be involved in that contact us.”

The Student Senate will resume its normal schedule in January with general Senate Body meetings being held every other Wednesday in the Billingsly Student Center Board Room at 5:30 p.m. On the other Wednesdays the large committees meet to plan and discuss anything that needs to be done.