Campus radio station begins new student programming

Get your radio ready for some tunes! Missouri Southern’s own KXMS radio station has now added many new programs to its daily schedule. From now on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday there will be student-hosted programs which will range an hour long. These newly added programs will consist of music dating as far back as the 1950’s to modern day tunes. 

KXMS being first introduced in 1986 has had some difficulties catching the attention of students. But, things might just be turning around for the station. With growing number each semester the word is getting out about how great of an opportunity KXMS provides for students here at Southern. KXMS provides students with experience for credit within a professional broadcast environment to paid occupation. These openings are available at the beginning of students’ college career to their senior year. 

With recently celebrating its 30th anniversary,  KXMS is known for being the one and only all-classical music station in the city of Joplin and is not only growing in numbers within the station but also outside of it. The station has a Facebook page with over 200 likes and almost daily will post time schedules for listeners.  On their Facebook page you can write visitor posts that will allow the station to respond with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Interactivity is the best way to spread the word and to give feedback.

Now with the newly added content the station not only hopes to gain attention from students but as well as the community. If you are looking for a great way to get hands on experience in a radio station setting KXMS has just what you need. Students are able to pitch ideas for shows while working within the station and may also be able have their show put on air. With the new content the radio station is sure to not only gain attention but gain members. The new schedule on KXMS includes: 


3 p.m. – “Retro Hour” with host John Horner

4 p.m. – “Music Basics” with host Anna D

5 p.m. – “The Review Hour” with host Dalton Purdy

6 p.m. – “Hair Metal Masterpiece” with host J.T Walls

7 p.m. – “Hour in the ‘80s” with host East Bay J

8 p.m. – “Modern Music Discovery” with host K. Blaze


3 p.m. – “The Ozark Power Hour” with host Ryan Land

4 p.m. – “Celtic Connection,” featuring Celtic music both old and new.

5 p.m. – “KGCS Newsmakers” with host Judy Stiles, with interviews about the Joplin community, community organizations and non-profits.

6 p.m. – “E-Town,” showcasing indie-folk artists.

7 p.m. – “Appetizer,” a two-hour show featuring a wide range of music.


3 p.m. – “Walls of Inspiration” with Jesse Walls

4 p.m. – “G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)” with Alexis Murphy, featuring a weekly battle between two artists, with the audience deciding who wins.

6 p.m. – “DreamFarm Radio,” which focuses on the eclectic side of jazz music.

7 p.m. – “Jazz ODC,” offering different styles of jazz.


3 p.m. – “Blues Before Sunrise,” showcasing vintage blues and R&B music, along with comedy from the 1950s.

8 p.m. – “Bluegrass Review,” offering old and new bluegrass tunes.


3 p.m. – “Swingin’ ‘50s Hour” with A.J

4 p.m. – “Game Time” with Master Alex, featuring underappreciated and forgotten music featured in video games.

5 p.m. – “Acoustic Café,” offering current and older acoustic songs.

7 p.m. – “Country Fun Time” with host Michael Reynolds

8 p.m. – “Weekend Radio,” showcasing classic comedy and vintage music.