Trump loses ground

Last week, a tape was released of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump saying a wealth of vulgar, offensive, and borderline predatory things in regards to his view of and treatment of women. As a response, several Republican politicians have pulled their support of Trump, citing his horrific words as the reason. While this is all fine and good, I personally am extremely appalled that this is finally what it took for people to stop backing Trump.

Trump’s entire campaign has been comprised of outrageous words and actions, and yet an 11-year-old video is the straw that finally broke the camel’s back for a number of Republican leaders. They were still on board throughout Trump leading a GOP debate into a conversation about genitalia size, accusing the president of treason, and belittling everyone in his path on the basis of appearance and other superficial factors. Conservative officials everywhere still supported him, believing that he’ll “make America great again.”

But alas, this is just the double standard that exists in Trump’s favor. If in 2008 Barack Obama had appeared on the scene as a cheating businessman with five children from three marriages, a wife famous for nude modeling, and a proficiency in sexually explicit and offensive language, he would have been denounced at the beginning. For some reason, however, Trump has been allowed to get away with this and more, earning the votes and endorsements of the American people for God knows what reason.

Even worse than Trump’s horrendous rhetoric is the fact that he cannot hold a single position on an issue for more than one public appearance. Sure, changing your mind is normal and natural, but let’s not forget that years ago Trump said that if he were ever to run for president, he would run as a Republican because “they’re so stupid they’d believe anything I said.”  Trump was a loyal Democrat for years, a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and good personal friend of Bill and Hillary during their administration and after (they attended his third wedding). As allegations of Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse surfaced, Trump passionately defended him and attempted to discredit his accusers. During Lewinskygate, Trump referred to Hillary as a wonderful woman who was going through much more than she deserved to go through.

With all these facts so attainable, I cannot fathom why it took over a year and a half of campaigning for Republicans to finally pull their support less than a month before the election. Trump has been unqualified to be president since the day he announced his candidacy, but it took an old tape of a conversation with a talk show host to tip the boat. I guess I’ll never understand the logic of this election.