Student senators try to resolve alcohol issue

A committee has been formed to draft a resolution making all campus rules and regulations that pertain to students apply to guests, visitors, faculty, staff and administration.

Student senator’s are arguing a double standard is in place pertaining to alcohol on campus during Missouri Southern Foundation benefits and faculty events.

“The only events with alcohol on campus, that I’m aware of, are the one’s approved by President León,” said Doug Carnahan, dean of students.

“We are drafting a blanket resolution that any rule that applies to students applies to visitors, faculty, etc.,” said Jacob Brower, senior senator.

Once the committee has drafted the resolution, it plans to take it to the Faculty Senate for approval and recommendations.

“It’s an issue of respect to let them know you value their opinion,” said Zack Odem, Student Senate president.

Trent Dobrauc, senior senator and chairman of the alcohol committee, has plans to talk to Dr. Paul Teverow, Faculty Senate president, within the next week to get his take on the resolution.

“The Faculty Senate and Student Senate are here to discuss these issues, whatever they may be, and get the attention of administration on certain topics,” Dobrauc said.

Once the resolution is drafted, the committee plans to take it to a vote both at Student Senate and Faculty Senate prior to taking the recommendation to administration.

“We will tailor it for the same timeframe to go through both bodies,” Dobrauc said. “This gives us the experience of how a bicameral legislative process works.”

Although the resolution is still in the planning phases, the committee plans to have it in the formal stages within the next two weeks.

Since the proposal has not been formally drafted, León said he would rather not comment on the proposal until it is complete.

“It’s too early to tell; I’d have to see what they (Student Senate) are proposing,” said Dr. Terri Agee, vice president for business affairs.