Student teachers receive reception

Hands on experience and first-hand knowledge await the 84 prospective student teachers from Missouri Southern who begin their student teaching Feb. 28.

Each semester, the education department holds a reception and orientation for cooperating teachers, college supervisors, principals, su-perintendents, college faculty and pre-service teachers.

“It is really an opportunity for our student teachers, who will begin student teaching Feb. 28, to meet with their cooperating teachers,” said Dr. Brenda Roberts, director of clinical and field experiences. “This is generally the first time they meet.”

“I’m looking forward to being in the classroom,” said Lindsey Winter, senior special education major.

“We learn so much about methods in the classroom. I look forward to actually teaching.”

Administration on campus is sent special invitations to attend the reception.

This is the student teachers first professional event. It is an opportunity for them to make a first impression on the profession they will be working with during their careers.

Students will be spending 10 weeks at more than 20 area schools, including Springfield and Kansas City.

“From what I understand, the reception is to meet with cooperating teachers and the college staff who will be observing their student teachers, in a comfortable atmosphere,” said Izetta Osmond, senior secondary education major.

“We provide a dinner and it’s a chance for everyone to sit down and get to know each other before they begin student teaching,” Roberts said.

The semester prior to their professional semesters, students begin preparations by filling out paperwork and deciding districts where they want to student teach.

“I contact those area school districts on behalf of the student,” Roberts said.

“But the matches are really made by the school district. They know their teachers, who has enough experience and would be a good role model for our student teachers.”

Southern’s teacher education program has earned a high reputation at local school districts.

“They know they will get a high caliber, quality teacher,” Roberts said.

“Although I will be student teaching in Monett, I will be meeting with administration and teachers from all over the area,” Osmond said. “It’s a wonderful public relations move for the college.”

“It’s easy to sit in a classroom and absorb all the theories and dos and don’ts of teaching, but can I take it into the field and actually make it work?”

The reception began at 6 p.m. with a welcome from Dr. Michael Horvath, dean of the school of education. Roberts did an overview of clinical and field experiences.