Group plans Paris history trip for spring

Paris, France, is the destination for many Missouri Southern students and faculty over spring break.

In 2002, Dr. Paul Teverow, professor of history, accompanied the communications department to Paris for a seminar. While there, Teverow decided that “Paris would be a good place for a student trip.”

“When I went to Versailles, I realized that this would be ideal for a student tour,” Teverow said. “If you’re only going for a week, there’s enough in Paris that you can see that would keep you busy. And, it ties in very well with many of the topics that I cover in history.”

In order to go on this trip, students must be enrolled in the History and Splendors of Paris class. The prerequisite for this class is to have taken English 102 or any History course at the 100-level. In this course, students are required to write a research paper over one of the historical sites in Paris.

The tours of historical sites, lectures, and discussion sessions that will be held in Paris will serve as research for the history students.

The American University of Paris will have a hand in the trip via providing the opportunity for Missouri Southern students to meet the president and other faculty members.

The history group will be visiting various historical sites and experiencing French culture. The first day, students will be going on a boat ride on the Seine River. They will be visiting Notre Dame, the Ile St. Louis, and Versailles, among other places.

The estimated total cost of the trip per student, according to Teverow, is $2,300. However, students are eligible for a grant of approximately $1,130.

Melissa Toalson, sophomore secondary education major, is planning on taking advantage of the grant.

“This is a great opportunity,” Toalson said. “There will probably never be another chance to go to Paris for this cheap.”

Matthew Stith, senior social science-history major, is also enrolled in the class.

“I am really looking forward to the trip,” Stith said. “This type of world experience is good for any future occupation, especially one dealing with history.”

After this trip, Teverow says that he plans on going to France many more times.

“I just liked Paris a lot more than I ever would have expected,” Teverow said. “I anticipate going back there and visiting other parts of France.”