Alcohol rules under debate

Trent Dobrauc, senior senator, raised concerns about Missouri Southern’s dry campus status.

He said on Dec. 3, five cases of wine were consumed at a social function in the Billingsly Student Center.

“It’s like having a dry city,” said John Smith, sophomore senator. “You don’t have booze in the courthouse.”

“I’m trying to uphold equality,” Dobrauc said. “I don’t care if it (the campus) is wet or dry. I want to get rid of the gray area.”

The student handbook prohibits the use of alcohol by any Southern student on campus. However, it does not explicitly include all functions that take place on the campus.

“I don’t feel that the students should be held to one system and others a different system,” Dobrauc said. “Basically, going back to the separate but equal.”

“There is going to be some amount of presidential discretion, and I would say that is what happened in this incident,” said Zack Odem, Senate president.

A committee was formed to further investigate alcohol policies on campus.

In other news, Delta Epsilon Chi asked for $800 to fund a trip Feb. 13-14 to Lake of the Ozarks.

The conference will provide students enrichment and an opportunity to compete against other chapters in Missouri and earn the right to attend the International Career Development Confer-ence.

The Senate finance committee recommended and Senate allocated $1,000 to the club.

The National Broadcasting Society requested $1,000 to attend a NBS convention in St. Louis.

The finance committee recommended $700 for the seven members going on the trip.

“We have a $100 per person attempted guideline,” said Andrew McGowan, treasurer.

“I’m upset that organizations who are going on a trip that would benefit them educationally and represent the school on a state, national and international level, and they have been reduced or completely cut out,” Smith said.

“All we are is a bank,” said Sarah Seibert, senior senator. “We don’t do anything for the students on campus. I’m so sick of fighting with them (finance committee). They have either reduced or eliminated four requests so far this year.”