Group discusses country dance, musician

Students at the Campus Activities Board meeting on March 3 were full of ideas for the upcoming semester.

With little current business that had to be addressed, Julie Blackford, director of student activities, focused on potential ideas for next semester with an emphasis on Homecoming.

The theme, Southern Stampede, sparked numerous ideas, many of them focusing on a country music style.

Several students voiced the idea of a country music singer or band, but Jonathan Beville, sophomore communications major, voiced disapproval.

“Do that (get a country music singer) and you’re throwing your money away,” Beville said.

However, Beville’s voice was the minority, as numerous CAB members, as well as Blackford, were in favor of the idea.

Numerous names were given for consideration, including Cleetus Judd, Rodney Carrington and Jack Johnson.

Blackford also mentioned the idea of a country-themed dance, but was worried about student reaction.

“I hate to say hoedown; that just sounds so ‘Hee-Haw,'” Blackford said.

Tentative plans also include a mechanical bull and showing movies like 8 Seconds and Urban Cowboy.

In other business, the Ecolonomics Club approached the Board asking for $1,000 to help with an Earth Day activity it has planned.

Dutch Kelley, club president, said the event set for April 24 will host 15-25 different vendors and activists, local radio stations, politicians and bands.

Kelley said the club needed the money for speakers, bands and a giveaway at the end of the day to an environmental organization.

Blackford asked to meet with Kelley and the rest of the group later in the week, at a different time than the CAB meeting.

Koinonia was also present, asking for $800 to help sponsor its spring Tola dance. Set for March 29, representatives said the dance would be open to all students.

Blackford was supportive of the idea, saying that it would be a good chance to find out what the turnout for a Homecoming dance would be.

The next CAB meeting is scheduled at 2 p.m. Monday, in the second floor lounge of Billingsly Student Center. The meeting is open to all students.