Student Senate debates honors program event funding


Matt Barney

The Missouri Student Senate held their final meeting of the fall semester Wednesday Nov. 30, 2016. 

Missouri Southern’s Student Senate held their last body meeting of the 2016 Fall semester on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016. Senate members voted on appropriations, ending in a debate.

As previously reported the Honors Club, Epsilon Mu Sigma, had requested funds to offset the cost of the “Yule Ball.”

The Yule Ball is an event that is only open to Honors students and a plus one. Student Senate discussed the event, and whether to fund it. How- ever, the finance committee decided against it due to the fact it was a private event, and it isn’t promoting the Southern name in the community.

 “We should fund this event, as an end of the semester party for the Honor’s students who have worked hard and paid their honors dues,” said sophomore Senator Kendrick Carlock.

Carlock’s statement caused an uproar amongst Senate members who believed if the event were to get funded than any student organization, such as fraternities and sororities would come to Student Senate for help funding their formals.

“This means if some other club wants to request money for a private event we would have to allocate resources for those events as well,” said Garner Rudroff, junior.

Student Senate decided to stick with the Finance Committee’s decision to deny this appropriation.

The Senate did approve six other grants for various campus organizations.

Finally, Ron Mitchell, Student Senate advisor, won the best tie Wednesday night, sporting a very festive ensemble.