Local CEO donates $1 million scholarship

On January 10, 2017, Missouri Southern announced David and Debra Humphreys donated a $1 million scholarship to the Missouri Southern Foundation. A total of $100,000 will be divided amongst eligible students each year for a 10-year span. Eligibility requires a major in biology, physical sciences, mathematics, account ing, finance, education, engineering technology or computer science. Applicants must also live within 50 miles of Southern and have a GPA of 3.5.

“What was most profound to me was that they were motivated to pay it forward despite their current success,” said Pau la Carson, provost/vice president of Academic Affairs. “They recall their more humble beginnings and the way people, many years ago, made a difference in their lives and how they want to be the difference makers.”

The University will award the scholarship sum for each year in amounts based on individual student financial standing. The Humphrey’s preference for the scholarships was between half and the entire amount of the tuition. Each recipient of the award is designated with the title Humphrey scholar, leaving networking possibilities open post-college.

“The fifty miles took in all the feeder high schools and homes and communities of TAMKO employees,” said Executive Vice President Brad Hodson. “The Humphreys’ were trying to be mindful of trying to make an impact in the region where they live, work, and do business, and that was their intent.”

The chosen majors reflect Humphrey’s backgrounds. Mr. Humphrey has been the CEO of TAM KO for 23 years, and Mrs. Humphrey graduated with a teaching degree. The donation comes as Debra Humphrey attends a New York college to finish her final year of law school.