Department awards majors’ work

Dr. Tatiana Karmanova, Director of Foreign Language Lab

Dr. Tatiana Karmanova, Director of Foreign Language Lab

Several juniors and seniors have something else to talk about in a foreign language.

Students who are minoring or majoring in a foreign language and have completed at least one upper division class in that language will receive an award for their efforts.

The first award is a certificate of accomplishment.

The second award is the scholarship, which goes along with the foreign language minor and major.

Minors receive $250 a semester, and majors receive $500 a semester.

There are several other qualications, however. Students must have a 3.0 grade-point average in their language and a 2.5 GPA overall.

A ceremony honoring the award recipients will be from 2-4 p.m. Friday in the Conner Ballroom in Billingsly Student Center.

“These students, are first of all, the cutting edge of the international mission,” said Dr. Tatiana Karminova, director of the Language Resource Center.

The award ceremony is in its fifth year, but this year is the first year in which Phi Sigma Iota, the foreign language honor society, will induct members into

its organization.

Also, the outstanding graduating foreign language student will be recognized.

Karminova said the ceremony says much about Missouri Southern.

“We are the best institution in the area to study a foreign language,” she said. “The parents should be proud.”

Jerry Edwards, instructor of Spanish, is working with the PSI segment of the ceremony.

“If they (students) choose to do so, they can go on and do more productive things with that language,” Edwards said.

The requirements for the organization are the same as the requirements for the foreign language awards.

Edwards said it is important for students to have completed the higher-level (300-499) classes of their language before they are inducted because it is around that level in which fluency begins.

“When you can discover fluency, foreign language becomes fun,” he said.

“They will understand the people (who speak that language) and their world view.”

Around 50 students said they would come to the ceremony as of March 30.

University President Julio León will speak during the first of the session.

“We are proud of these students because it has taken a lot of effort to get past this point,” Edwards said.

The awards come from the department of communications and foriegn languages.

Students were allowed to reserve seats for friends and family members.