Poor drivers cause wrecks

Poor drivers cause wrecks

Randall Georges

Poor drivers cause wrecks

It seems when one intersection becomes safe another becomes a hazard. That is certainly true for the intersections on Newman Road.

First, it was the crosswalk situation with too many pedestrians being run down. Now it is the intersection of Southern View Drive and Newman with too many vehicles being run down. Nothing has been done about the excessive accidents at this location. Should Missouri Southern do something about this? Or should the University allow this problem to persist until there is a serious enough accident that hospitalizes a person or results in death?

We believe this problem needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand. How does one fix such a problem? Stop lights? Maybe. But aren’t there enough stop lights on Newman Road as it is?

We believe drivers need to pay more attention when they are pulling out of the campus or while driving down Newman Road. Learning to take control of one’s driving is as essential as learning to tie one’s shoes. It does not make sense to just pull out of the campus onto a busy roadway without looking.

If one is talking on the phone, hang up. Your life is more important than finding out what happened after you left the party last night.

Take responsibility. This is a university; this is not high school. The University cannot fix all the intersections around campus because some students decided they are in too big of a hurry to get home and watch soap operas than pay attention to their driving.