Expand horizons on break

Expand horizons on break

Expand horizons on break

Students should take advantage of their spring break vacation. How do we propose you do that?

Take a lovely vacation, perhaps to Springfield or even to Branson. For those feeling adventurous, head to another country or state.

We encourage those traveling abroad to take advantage of their international experience. Don’t just see the sights, take time to enjoy the small things about a new culture, the buildings, the cars and the people. Challenge yourself to not eat at an American restaurant during the duration of your visit. Try not to draw attention to yourself and try to blend in. How many times will you have an opportunity like this?

For those of you staying here or traveling home, we encourage you to take advantage as well. Don’t spend all of your time in front of the TV – do something.

If you are not traveling overseas, you can still enjoy yourself in the states. There are various sites you can visit in and around the town you live. If you want to be adventurous, try traveling outside the state and enjoy the splendors of other places such as Washington, D.C., where you can experience how our country’s capital started.

Despite our suggestions, our hope for Missouri Southern students is simply that they enjoy themselves. However, we do want you to be responsible and safe.

Take it in at full throttle, throwing caution to the wind. Being a college student only lasts for a short time, so take advantage of this time, and have fun.