Senate bill plans to increase support for science in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Senate appropriations committee on education met March 2 to discuss the value of science in education.

Senate Bills 978 and 979 hope to create a greater desire in Missouri students by offering programs at different levels of education that foster an interest in science.

Senate Bill 278, sponsored by Sen. Stephen Stoll (D-Festus) would allow collegiate scientists and the Missouri science industry to work together in hopes of creating a better job force for the future.

“If we don’t plan accordingly, Missouri runs the risk of severing its science industry.” Stoll said, “Industries will merge or move out of state, and we will lose companies, dollars, jobs and the skill base we are just now starting to develop.”

In recent years, the number of students graduating with degrees in math and science has decreased.

Stoll argues that if students are given access to better resources, their interest in science will increase.

The Science industry that exists in Missouri would grant students privilege to work in their research environments.

As interns, students would be learning first hand, have knowledge of job opportunities after graduation and science industries in Missouri would have a ready work force of students already knowledgeable of the industry.

Stoll has a clear goal: better students, better jobs and better state.