Limited budget keeps play list to classical

Joshua Christensen, classical DJ for Missouri Southern´s 88.7 FM radio station, gets ready to play another song.

Brandi Boulware

Joshua Christensen, classical DJ for Missouri Southern´s 88.7 FM radio station, gets ready to play another song.

Listeners can tune in to 89.9 FM and enjoy a variety of music, or move the dial to 88.7 FM, with two formats, 24-hours a day.

Pittsburg State University’s radio station, 89.9 FM KRPS, offers different sounds of music: jazz, blues, celtic, classical and folk music. This is unlike the radio station at Missouri Southern, 88.7 FM KXMS, which offers classical and folk music.

Bess Chambers, senior English major, said the radio station could benefit from a little more diversity.

“I am not saying they should do away with classical music but add some more variety and then more people would know about it,” Chambers said. “It would be a great opportunity to give expression to the culture and creativity of the students.”

Chambers said if students had a lot more control over the radio station programming, it would create a sense of community on campus.

Others like the radio station just the way it is.

Gloria Chapman, senior graphic communication and fine arts major, said she enjoys listening to the radio station.

“After a stressful day at school, classical music is relaxing,” Chapman said.

Dr. J.R. Moorman, head of the communications department, said the radio station serves a wonderful need for the community, students and faculty.

“Music Appreciation class inspired me to appreciate classical music,” Moorman said. “And I think our students would benefit from the exposure.”

Southern has five disc jockeys and one volunteer who loves the experience.

Joshua Christensen, volunteer for the radio station, said he has had a lot of fun at the station and thinks it’s a good thing Southern has an exclusively classical music radio station.

In 1986, the decision was made by the Board of Regents to have a classical format that would not compete with commercial radio stations.

Southern is not able to offer varieties other than classical and folk music, because there is a limited budget.

Jeff Skibbe, KXMS general manager, said the station needs more personnel and budget finances before it can have more of a variety.

“We just don’t have the resources that PSU has to expand our radio station,” Skibbe said.

Ginny Wallace, operation director for KXMS, said there are students that don’t know there is a radio station.

“I encourage students to tune in and listen, and I believe they will be pleasantly surprised,” Wallace said.