Art Fence

This is not a letter, simply an idea I thought the chart might like to look into. I do not wish to be quoted–I just wondered if this was something that would interest the chart and its readers.

The university recently built a fence outside the art dept. to hide the unsightly projects in progress and the remains of old projects. I was very happy to see this happen. However, the new projects have begun to spill outisde the fence. Which makes me wonder–what is the point of the fence? Why did money have to be spent to hide the unsightly yard–couldn’t the art department simply clean up after their projects each day? Where did the money come from to build this fence–was it donated, an expenditure from the university? All this to say, a fence went up to help beautify the school, and now that fence seems null and void. Why shouldn’t the art dept. be held accountable for its mess, and be required to work within the provided fence.

-Rachel Mastin