New track going nowhere

New track going nowhere

Todd Petillo

New track going nowhere

The track teams would like to take off running, but they cannot because they have no track to run on.

The Chart fully supported the updating of Hughes Stadium, but we did not know it would take this long to finish the project. The much needed updating should have been done by now, but alas it is not.

Missouri Southern should be proud of the effort put forth from the community to get the funds in on time to get this project started and underway. Southern, however, should not be proud of the track company for starting the project late.

Due to the late start, two home track meets have been canceled; two track meets that would have been important to the men’s track team in winning the triple crown with the winning of the MIAA championship outdoor track. The triple crown is the MIAA championship of cross country, indoor and outdoor track.

After the football turf was placed, the company laying the track was to start after the football season ended. The company did not do that. Instead, it waited to start this semester. In fact, the track was just started last month.

We are issuing a challenge to the company laying the track surface: Get it done. No one likes the fact that the track has not been finished. The coaches and players would like to use their new track before the end of the season, but unless the company laying the track gets done soon, this may not happen.

Without a new track, Southern has nowhere to run.