Bush’s Integrity: Politics over Humanity

Anyone wonder why Bush opposed the formation of the 9-11 Commission? Today, he often states how important it is to take their recommendations seriously and to cooperate with them. Add a little political pressure, not public necessity, and he buckles.

Personally, I have no problem with a change of mind. Bush changed his mind about Rice testifying, the Homeland Security Department, nation building, the WMD intelligence investigation, overtime rules, etc. However, this particular instance reveals much more than indeciviness on behalf of our President; it reveals hypocrisy (for he attacks Sen. Kerry for allegedly being indecisive) and the deliberate selection of political opportunism over humanity.

Yet many of our citizens would follow him to almost any end because he fits their ideological preferences. They would do so without a thought that such an action may run contrary to their good conscience. Such a phenomenon, especially in times of hardship, is not new to history.