Rally Day attracts NRA members

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Card carrying members of the National Rifle Association flooded the Capitol April 21 to celebrate the 12th annual Gun Rights Rally Day. The event was sponsored by the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance, Missourians for Personal Safety and the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance. The theme for this year’s event was “Celebration of Liberty.”

Thomas Zenthoefer, member of the NRA and the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance, said he came to the rally to thank the legislators for passing the concealed weapons bill last year and for also overriding Gov. Bob Holden’s veto of the bill.

Zenthoefer was aware of the arguments against the bill that were used during the Missouri Supreme Court Hearing in January. He did not believe the bill was a violation of the Hancock Amendment because counties could decide whether to allow permits or not.

“There were four counties exempt from having to issue permits,” Zenthoefer said. “But all but one are now taking applications for permits.”

He advised that persons who worry for their personal safety should consider carrying a firearm.

“Two million regular citizens use firearms right now to protect themselves,” Zenthoefer said.

He said the NRA protection courses offered throughout the state can assist anyone who wishes to gain the necessary skills to obtain a permit.

As to what gun is best, “The best gun is the one that makes the biggest hole,” Zenthoefer said. “A shot gun is ideal.”

He also said in most situations just the appearance of a gun is enough to prevent harm and often no shots are needed.

For ladies who find a shot gun too big to carry in their purse, he said there were purses specially made for carrying a full size semi-automatic gun.

He said there were also guns small enough to fit in a pant’s pocket without being detectable.

Firearm safety classes are available Missouri Southern through the criminal justice department.