Letter to the Editor: Visiting alum thanks kind-hearted student

As an alumni, I occasionally like to visit the MSSU campus to see my favorite faculty members. Friday, April 9 was one of those days.

The weather was beautiful when I left Monett, but it changed for the worse when I reached Southern.

I wasn’t dressed for the rain but decided to walk from Matthews Hall to Hearnes Hall anyway. By the time I reached Billingsly Student Center, I was soaked and cold.

Luckily for me, I met a very friendly student, Noelle, who was headed toward Billingsly. She actually turned back and walked me to Hearnes, holding her umbrella over my head the entire way.

This random act of kindness made my day.

Since I probably will never see Noelle again, I’d like to publicly thank her for the nice gesture. I’ll be sure and help someone in need as repayment.

Larry WilliamsMSSU Graduate1998