What’s on your playlist?

We’re ending our third week of college, which means the easy days are already over. It’s time to start taking endless tests and spending the rest of the semester in the library.

There’s a common theme that everyone has while studying or doing homework: Music. 

Music has been proven based on many studies to produce more brain activity and to keep productivity longer. It can also lessen depression and lower your anxiety. 

When asked, various people said what they listened to when they studied, the answer was mostly classical or piano music so there is less lyrics to distract them. 

Spotify offers many playlists to listen to, not just all classical either. 

Underneath the genre study, there are playlists labeled “Peaceful Piano,” “Microtherapy” which consists of calming, ambient electronic music, and then there is the playlist “Study Zone” that consists the slower hits such as Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran.

Don’t worry Apple Music owners there are also playlists out there for you too. 

There are various music artists people listen to. Pink Floyd, NEED TO BREATHE, Drake, Bear Hands, Imagine Dragons, Mozart, and Khalid are just a couple of music artists that were given while asking what students listen to while they study.