Senate hosts final semester meeting

Zack Odem, Student Senate President

Zack Odem, Student Senate President

Student Senate held its last business meeting of the academic year April 7.

The meeting marked the final Senate meeting for Senate President Zack Odem and Senator Andrew McGowen, senior mass communications major.

Odem thanked his fellow senators in his weekly president’s report.

“I’ve really enjoyed being on Senate,” he said. “It’s been really interesting to see the transition in Senate over the years I have been on it.”

McGowen also thanked the other senators.

“I’ll miss all of you guys,” McGowen said.

During the meeting, five organizations were allowed to come to the floor.

Odem said more than three are normally not allowed, but under the circumstances, all organizations were allowed a few minutes to address Senate.

Before the organizations came to the floor, Senate had a budget of $4,599 left for the rest of the semester. The budget gained $1,000 after several organizations which gained Senate appropriations failed to turn in receipts for their allocated expenses.

The first organization which came to Senate was the Ecolonomics Association.

Finance committee members recommended no money for the association because it is technically a class and not a recognized organization on campus.

The class would bring several area businesses to campus on April 28 to discuss their impact on the environment as a celebration of Earth Day.

After some discussion, McGowen motioned that because the class is working to improve the community, Senate should allocate $1000. The other senators agreed and approved the $500.

The second organization to receive funding was the Public Relations Student Society of America. Senate allocated $273 as a reimbursement for travel expenses to a national assembly in California. PRSSA sent one representative, Robert Moss, senior public relations major, to the assembly.

The third organization to receive funding was Alpha Sigma Alpha. Two representatives from the organization will attend a leadership convention in Naples, Florida.

Sophomore, Spanish major and senator Eric Ducummon called attention to the fact that no faculty adviser is going to oversee the two members while in Florida. He then motioned for $300 to be allocated instead of the finance committee’s recommended $1000.

After senators discussed the matter, the motion was vetoed and another motion for $1000 was approved.

Senate allocated the fourth organization, World Issues for Study by Educators, $1000 after several minutes of discussion.

The organization has been tabled twice during the semester and has had several issues with Senate in past years.

“I would like to point out they have continually shown disrespect for our organization,” McGowen said.

He did say, however, that the organization is worthy of receiving funds, but he wants the organization to continually follow Senate regulations for allocation requests.

The last organization to receive funding was Delta Epsilon Chi. Senate allocated $200 for the group to go to a business competition in Nashville.

Senate co-advisors Adam Griffin and Josh Doak reminded senators to fill out the recreation center survey.

“Tonight was a great meeting,” Odem said. “Student senators let their voice be heard. Tonight especially, student senators spoke their voice.”

Doak and Griffin agreed. They also thanked the graduating senators.

“I’m pleased with the professionalism of Zack and all the seniors on Senate,” Doak said.