Editors grade sports events of 2003-2004

Jessica MacIntosh

Jessica MacIntosh

Trying to continue a tradition that was started before any of us were on staff, we are going to take a look back at the year in sports and hand out grades.

Men’s Athlete of the Year:This one was kind of easy. It just came to us when thinking about athletes who have really stepped up and performed this past year. Our pick for men’s athlete of the year is Hiram Ocasio, junior guard, for the basketball team. It was an easy pick because during the basketball season, Ocasio achieved 86 total steals placing him second in the all-time steals list with 164 career steals. He is 220 steals away from breaking the record that is held by Eddin Santiago, who had 383 career steals. Ocasio, you receive an A for your effort this year.

Women’s Athlete of the Year:This category, too, was fairly simple. The women’s soccer team’s Tera Reisner, junior forward, was named to the NSCAA All-Central Region third-team and the MIAA conference first team. She also scored the third most goals in Southern’s history. She scored 13 goals in the fall and had two assists. We’re giving Reisner an A for all she did this year.

Men’s & Women’s Teams of the Year:We’re combining these two because it is the same sport. The cross country teams did an outstanding job this past year. Especially the women. The men have a strong team year in and year out. The women, however, stepped up this year and set a goal of making it to the national competition, which they did for the first time in Missouri Southern history. Final grade for the two teams: A+.

Biggest Surprise of the Year:The men’s and women’s indoor track and field teams both winning MIAA conference championships. This is the first time either team has won the championship; so, for both teams to win, it is a feat. Final grade: A+.

Biggest Disappointment of the Year:Gang Green. What happened guys? You started out strong during the football season and after Homecoming you amputated yourselves. It is pathetic to see only a few members at the sporting events. Gang Green receives an F as its final grade.

Best Improvement of the Year:Hands down, the best improvement goes to Hughes Stadium. Never for a moment did we doubt that it would get done. We were a little worried there with the track surface. But it got done and now it is something to be proud of. Something that can be played on without fear of injuries. The Hughes Stadium restoration receives an A+.

Worst Improvement of the Year:The tennis courts and the soccer field, although never discussed before. Now that the stadium has been updated, it’s time to help out some of the other teams and improve their playing surfaces. The tennis courts and soccer field are in dire need of improvement. Final grade for all needed improvements: I (for incomplete).

There it is the best and worst of the year. All in all, the athletes did a great job and we should know. If not, well, we just didn’t bring our ‘A’ game.