Vehicle lingers for five months in lot



3:45 p.m.

Security was contacted after a student accidentally took the wrong pills from a folder. This was after one of the janitorial staff members allowed the student into a secured area.

The incident was looked into, however, security determined there was no criminal intent.

The pills were reported as returned.

Suspicious behavior


1:00 a.m.

While on foot patrol, an officer noticed a white male sitting near the south doors of Taylor Hall.

The officer asked the subject his name, but the subject did not respond. After the officer asked what the person was doing there, the subject tried to push the officer away. The officer grabbed the subject’s shirt, which then ripped as the subject pulled away. He then ran onto Duquesne Road.

No property damage was reported. JPD was contacted about the incident.

Unattended Vehicle


7:00 a.m.

A white Thunderbird was sitting on a jack in lot 25 since Sept. 7. The vehicle had no campus sticker in the window, and had been issued several tickets.

The vehicle has since been taken care of.

Unattended Vehicle


7:00 a.m.

A vehicle has been sitting in lot 25 for five months.

Security has notified the owner about the vehicle. Tickets and notices have been issued to the owner stating the vehicle must be moved, however, the owner says the vehicle does not run.

The owner is not a student at Missouri Southern.