Money is not fan motivation

Money is a good motivator for many things. Allowance, jobs and tooth fairies are all associated with money.

Should attending football games be added to the list? The idea to give away money to random attending students is a good one, but it has its flaws.

Students should come to games because they enjoy the sport, not the money. Our team needs our support.

Sure, sometimes attendance is low, but the students who go really do care to see the sporting plays and are aroused by the joyful atmosphere. The smell of snacks in the cool, crisp, fall air should bring students in more than money. It’s a feeling from the past.

Money cannot replace that feeling. Students do enjoy winning money, and it is fun to have contests for the fans, but if the contests are created for the mere reason to bring in fans, then it is a farce and should be corrected.

The Chart does not have any suggestions for another contest, nor do we mean to end the current contest, but we do hope that fans come because they are fans, not greedy money grubbers.

We encourage all students to support their lions.

Our fees go to fund many of the programs, and it is a waste if no one goes and sees our teams.

Sports also provide a feeling of community. If students feel a lack of community on campus, then they should start building it in the stands. But, above all, community starts in the heart, not the wallet.