Religious ideals may destroy civil societies

What can one say to repute generations of teachings? Religion had its grand designed purposes for simple minds in simple societies. Today’s complex world societies need to adhere to the moralistic base for which religion was designed to conform society into right.

Today’s complex societies need to stray away from the unrealistic tribal teachings that “my” God is the one and only true God. Today’s complex world societies need to realize that one god true to the minds of one society, if be true, would be the one God to children fighting among themselves for the inheritance of his kingdom. Religion’s shared delusional disorder intent is to leave each individual with his or her own special inheritance. The truth is that if there is a heavenly kingdom to be inherited, a good father would want the inheritance to be shared by all his children. The truth is that a good father would not want one single child to fall prey to the greed for inheritance of another, let alone millions of his children. Religion has spawned the devastation of war for past and present, for this religion is the worst thing to happen to mankind. We cannot let the future reside in religious ideals.

Matthew Harris


Psychology Major