Residents aid campus image

Residents aid campus image

Todd Petillo

Residents aid campus image

Students filling the residence halls can be a good thing. It promotes community as well as school spirit. Residents can feel safe in a place where the people are friendly and well-behaved. If the halls were empty and dull, what would that say about Missouri Southern? Would new students see this as a lack of care? As a group of students of Southern, The Chart would like everyone to know the vacant rooms which distract from the campus life are not a worry any more. Students can feel confidant that our recruiters are doing their best, and others feel the same home-grown spirit we’ve all come to know and love. Hopefully, the trend will last.

With more people living on campus, the perks are also up as well. It allows more freedom to see friends, and it allows for the formation of more study groups after classes.

Students should not gawk at the residence halls, the staff which keeps the halls in shape works hard to help all students feel welcome at Southern.

The number of residents in the halls should be a testament to these.

Yes, it may be troublesome living with someone you barely know, or sharing a bathroom with several people, but these are the days which will define our lives.

Students can build relationships with life-long friends as well as meet interesting people they may not ever have met before. This is the magic of the residence halls.