new Web site

This isn’t a letter for publication, but I would like to address the look of the Web site. Where’s the photo’s at? Where’s the cartoon? When I read a column and the person says something about the way they look, I want to see their mug so I know what they are talking about. I like to view photos of the stories I’m reading, so I can get a feel for what is being discussed in the story. What is with this Web site.Granted this site is far better than the one for the seminaries newspaper, which is a bi-weekly tab. Which tells me they can put more time and effort into it, but their style is lacking big time. Just like this Web site. It isn’t interesting to me. So much more can be done with it. I do not believe it is being used to its full potential. And by the way, you might want to consider changing the masthead online. It still has me as executive editor.Just thought I tell how I feel about this, just like any former editor would do.Philbone