Ghosthunter brings spooks to Southern

Children and ghost hunters headlined the second meeting of the Campus Activities Board on Sept. 8.

Ghost hunter John Zaffis is scheduled to come to Missouri Southern on Oct. 21. He will speak in Connor Auditorium about ghosts as well as show videos and slides about his past experiences. Zaffis may also do a critique of the campus and talk of the rumored ghosts that haunt the west end.

CAB also discussed the involvement of children and their involvement in activities put on with funds from Southern students.

“Students pay their own activity fee,” said Daniel Horner, junior health promotion major. “They don’t pay for their kids, too.”

With a skate night planned for Sept. 22, the board discussed a possible age limit for guests of Southern students.

Terry Levy, senior pre-law/criminal justice major, spoke against a child population for the skate night, for the benefit of students and the safety of youngsters.

“It’s a catch-22,” said Julie Blackford, director of student activities. “We want families to be able to bring their kids, too.”

One of Blackford’s concerns about children at campus events was the distribution of merchandise paid for by students and taken by children.

“It’s hard to please everybody,” she said.

Age limits will be set on an event-by-event basis based on safety, content and student interest regulations.

The board also discussed natural high week, which begins on Sunday with cardio chaos, a free three-hour aerobics session free to students from 2p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Leggett and Platt athletic center.

Other events include a drunk driving simulator and a stress buster station. A blues and barbecue will take place on Thursday night in the Student Life Center. A blues band will play and a free meal will be available to all students.

The improv group Mission IMPROVable will take place at 8p.m. on Thursday also in the SLC.

Anyone wanting to give input or more information regarding upcoming events may contact the student activities office on the second floor of Billingsly Student Center or attend the weekly CAB meetings in the student activities office.