Letter’s title misleads readers on its message

The concept, media possesses the capability of framing an event, is taught in several classes at Missouri Southern. It is possible I have fallen prey to an unintended framing of my letter to the editor appearing in the Sept. 3 issue of The Chart.

My letter, “Religion – the best thing to happen to mankind and the worst thing to happen to mankind,” was changed in editing to “Religious ideals may destroy societies.”

A title is intended to give the reader the essence of an article before they read it. While I recognize the right of The Chart to edit my letter to style and space limitations, the headline given to my leader (sic) no longer emphasized my belief that religion is also the best thing to happen to mankind. The statement’s continuity is the common base moralistic teachings by grand design involved with world holy disciples.

I do take seriously that differences in religion have for millennia spawned the cataclysm of war. This is no claim; it is fact not to be scoffed at. It displeases me to think the message I was trying to send to our campus and the world could be twisted in such a way as to alienate my message from the actual printed text. That message is as strong today as when I wrote the article – a necessary message to civilization. The differences between religions are insignificant when compared to the similarities of the ultimate moral teachings. Fill your hearts with love, not hate; recognize the difference between right and wrong. Walk the right path.

Hate and hate’s subtopics engender war and levy the threat of nuclear holocaust currently hanging over society’s head.

A nuclear war does not have to occur as it does in Hollywood portrayals. All it takes is radiation. All it takes is depleted uranium 238, DU weaponry, such as armor piercing bullets, mortar shells, smart bombs and such; the kind of munitions our nation has used since the first Gulf War.

These are the implements of “silent nuclear war.” Hate breeds X, well you can write the list for yourself. The good news is that love spawns eternal and this message is the one I prefer to take into eternity.

Matthew Harris

Junior Psychology Major