Athletics reload for new season

Starting the first year of college is not the same for everyone. This is especially true for those who are beginning to play a sport at collegiate level, like those who will play soccer and softball or run track and field. Missouri Southern has had several new additions for the upcoming season. Women’s soccer is one of those teams. With 14 new players, 12 being freshmen, the soccer team seems to be having a new beginning as well.

However, Trevor Wachsman, women’s soccer head coach, believes that they will be able to step up and succeed.

“They have lots of talent,” Wachsman said.

“They really want to be successful,” he said.

Wachsman has been impressed so far with their willingness to work hard and the positive attitude that the team, as a whole and as individuals, portrays.

He looks forward to seeing how they will develop as the season progresses and what they will look like as a team at the end of the year.

Ashley Turner, freshman, marketing major, is one of the new defensive players for this year’s squad. When asked what she found most challenging about playing at the collegiate level, Turner acknowledged that the pre-season’s practice was “more intense” than previous experiences of playing soccer at the high school level.

Woman’s softball had eight new players this year, and they are still in the recruiting stage. The team’s first practice was on August 30, but Jennifer Jimerson, softball head coach women’s, is already anticipating their new season. She stated the new members brought “new energy, new life, and new intensity” to their program. She believes also this season’s team will have a better speed in offense due, in part, to the new team players. On October 2, after competing against Northeastern State University of Talequah, Okla., and Neosho Community College, the women’s softball team will be having an alumni game in which the current team will compete in a scrimmage against the alumni players.

Men’s track and field department has also recruited more players for its squad. It has added about 14 players this year, however, Tom Rutledge, head coach, was not able to make a comment.