Stolen sign leaves frat lacking “A”



6:00 a.m.

While on patrol, security noticed a suspicious vehicle in staff parking. The vehicle was missing a permit and the license plates were expired. The vehicle identification number had been removed from the dash as well. The officer noticed wires hanging from the steering column.

JPD was notified of the vehicle, however the vehicle was not reported as stolen.



1:28 p.m.

A security officer noticed smoke coming from the southwest corner of Newman Road and Duquesne Road.

The officer proceeded to the area and found three grass fires. Another officer arrived on the scene with a fire extinguisher and put out the fires. JFD was dispatched, but upon arrival, another fire south of the campus was spotted. The fire was stomped out.

JPD was notified by security of a possible arson, but no suspects or witnesses could be found.



2:25 a.m.

Security was contacted in reference to a five foot wooden “A” stolen from the Kappa Alphas in Gockel Hall.

The fraternity members had no suspects. Security questioned a few students outside the building at the time, but no one had seen the incident, nor had anyone seen anyone by the building.

The item was worth around $15.

Fire Alarm


4:55 a.m.

Security responded to an alarm in Webster Hall.

After a search of the building, no cause of the alarm could be found.

The alarm control was then reset, and the building was searched again.