ID theft has its preventions

Identity theft is a major pain when it occurs.

Everyone should be cautious when it comes to giving out Social Security numbers and any other identifying information. No one knows for sure who is watching or taking the information.

Such information should only be given to a person who is known to be trustworthy or has the proper credentials. The worst thing to happen when someone steals another person’s identity is the potential of ruining one’s credit. Credit card numbers are a fragile adventure. Online transactions and phone transactions should be made with the utmost caution, using only trusted and well-established sites.

Another precaution is to check to see if a site encrypts information during a transaction. Encrypting means the information is completely jumbled at random until another computer with the corresponding decoder receives the information, making it almost impossible for outsiders to track and store the information.

On campus, students should make sure to consistently log out of computers. Otherwise, important account information could be passed onto the next person who uses the computer.

As far as credit applications are concerned, students should study the applications and make phone calls to the company before signing up for a credit card. This ensures the person giving out the applications is a legitimate representative of the company. Often, applications may be mailed or even called in, giving students ample time to confirm legitimacy.

Everyone simply needs to take an ounce of precaution to prevent a pound of sorrow.