Chart deserves award for wide readership

On Sept. 11, The Society of Professional Journalists awarded The Chart a Mark of Excellence award in the “Best Non-Daily Newspaper” category. On Sept. 30, I believe that The Chart truly earned the award; I also believe that they should have an award for excellence in readership. A question posed in the letter to the editor of The Chart on the use on Uranium munitions such as “Bunker Busters”  (Pentagon use since 1991) was addressed to the Presidential candidates from a caller in Joplin in the pre-debate hour, while millions of viewers listened. (First Presidential Debate from University of Miami Convention Center, C-Span, pre-debate hour 7 p.m Sept. 30.)A caller with motherly tears in her voice asked Bush, “Why he has chose to use Bunker Busters that is made with depleted Uranium, with a (radioactive) half life of 4.5 billion years … Bush do you care that it is deforming the children of the soldiers and the Iraqi people who are being born, there and here?”And the award for Excellence in Readership goes to … well, I have no idea in the hours following the debate while I write, who should receive this prestigious award. What I do know is that in that pre-debate hour, I heard the voice of an angel posing the question. From a small corner of a state in the middle of the nation, we have sent out a message. We are Americans with a desire for pragmatic good. We are the readers of The Chart.

Matthew HarrisPsychology Major